Thursday, August 16, 2007

KnitWars and Finished Socks

So, I finished the first Hedera sock (the green ones I posted before):

And it came out pretty good! *very* soft, and I really like the way it fits my foot. A nice toe - not too pointy.

I also happened to come across (through Lime and Violet) this Chore Wars business... it's like D&D, with housework. Now, I think this is a fabulous thing. It's like FlyLady, only with XP and monsters and gold. Lime and Violet found it and, in their cleverness, thought "ooh! I bet we could do that for knitting!"... and so they did. And I'm involved. Finishing a sock got me 50XP (if I finish the second one, I get another 100XP). I'm a level 1 Sorcerer (Annalira), and at 200XP I'll get to be level 2.

Yeah, it's dorky. *really* dorky. But hey - it's fun, it'll keep me on my knitting, and I may just sign up to motivate myself about the housework too :)


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Meet Max!

Meet Max!

(Though we thought of calling him Satchmo, his voice is waaay too high pitched to be a Satchmo. So he's named Max instead. and yes, he talks a LOT!)

Max (who came with the name "Flamepoint" but lost it quickly... neither of us is keen on a cat nicknamed "Flamer") is mostly flame or red point Siamese, as far as we can tell, and has a TON of personality, a very loud diesel-engine purr, and likes to chat, even if nobody is listening. He is a "young adult" cat - from his coloring and build probably between 9 months and a year old. As he gets older, his nose, ears, paws, and tail will deepen to a dark golden color (we hope!).

We adopted Max a week or so ago and picked him up Sunday evening. He's a very good cat, completely comfortable with us and the apartment. House trained, friendly and affectionate, doesn't get on the counters/table (well he tried once, but a face full of water from a spray bottle convinced him quickly to get down), and *very* playful. Right now the laser pointer wins as his favorite toy with Mouse2-on-a-string coming in at a close second.

Mouse1 met a quick demise due to poor construction. Mouse2 is faring better (so far).

Currently, Max sleeps underneath my side of the bed at night - he seems to like being under things, and fits in some pretty tight spaces (like under my chest of drawers!) His very short coat doesn't shed much at all, and he's currently very much enjoying a catfood/yoghurt mixture treat as a way to help with some rough patches on his back/tail. He was in the pound before Second Chance Pets got him, and his coat didn't take well to the pound OR the baths he's had since then.

As I'm sure you can tell from the photo, he's not exactly easy to keep still when not sleeping.

He's pretty cute when he's asleep though

Lots of Washcloth patterns!

I'm hoping to do a few knitted cloths, now that the shawl is done and has been given away. Lots of cool patterns here too! We'll see how that goes :)

Friday, August 03, 2007

Old Friends.

It's always good to get to talk to old friends, especially out of the blue (:

Thursday, August 02, 2007