Thursday, November 30, 2006

only in Texas...

As of four hours from right now, I will have finished my last classes of my undergraduate degree. I stlil have a paper to write, and finals to take - but the classwork will be done. Woohoo! And my history professor announced today that he was only going to count one grade (out of the paper and final exam) so I dont' have to worry as much about the fact that my paper is, currently, terrible. So long as I kick the final in the arse.

Had you not checked the weather this morning, you would've been in for quite a shock. Yesterday afternoon it was 85 degrees, breezy, and a bit damp/cloudy. This is not overly unusual for Waco in November. However, this morning it was 29 degrees and sleeting (also not unusual for Waco in November). So sometime in that 12 hour span, the temperature dropped nearly 60 degrees. GG Texas Weather.

Of course, this is only a particularly dramatic example of the kind of unpredictability of weather. Cold fronts are a part of normal winters here, and it does get cold (albeit usually just for a week at a time). For this reason, I am particularly shocked at the people that I see and hear that are totally unprepared for cold weather. Of note are the two girls in my choir who were sitting shivering in sweatshirts - both had light jackets, but mentioned that they were going to have to go shopping because they were wearing the only warm clothes that they owned. These are not people without the economic means to buy sweaters - they just "didn't figure it'd be cold". Not freshmen either!

Anyway - I dont mind the cold so much (the cold feet... that's not so fun. stupid leaky boots), but I have a good coat. It is annoying to have my glasses steamed up for 5 minutes when I walk inside though :D

Tonight is the first night of the Baylor Christmas Brouhaha. (I'm not sure what it's real name is, but that's what it is) Three nights of performances (7:30 tonight, 8:00 tomorrow at the Masonic Lodge - private, and 7:30 on Saturday), in my choir dress, in high heels standing on risers or on the stairs of the auditorium. But it's a gorgeous thing, with the orchestra and all the choirs and pretty lights and stuff. Just takes up a lot of time. And then I'm done. So if anyone is free tonight - 7:30, Jones Concert Hall (tickets are $5, go for scholarships), you should come!

Monday, November 13, 2006

So I've not been so good at keeping up...

I've had a list of things in my notebook that I wanted to write about - the guy dancing on the steamroller in the construction crew on highway 6, picking out a band for the wedding, handwriting, new knitting projects, my attachment to murlocs, why I'm a musician (and yet don't practice the piano)... the list is quite long now.

But instead I have been goofing around, occasionally studying, and going home to celebrate my mother's birthday, which was a roaring success. We did actually manage to surprise her (even if she al most wouldn't get out of the damn car!), and a good time was had by all. And I have leftover chocolate cake too.

I suppose, as with all things, there is some wax and wane to the process of keeping a journal. Some days I think I know what I want to say, only to sit and stare at the little blinky cursor and not find any words at all. Some days I forget that the thing even exists. Today seems to be a blinky cursor day, and not just here but with my term papers as well (the first of which is due a week from tomorrow). Usually that week is enough to instill the Fear of the Deadline (tm) and get me working, but apparently not this morning. Fear of a piano jury hasn't helped that much either. I worked for 2 hours yesterday in a practice room... my longest single setting time since at least April - which is REALLY SAD. I love playing - it makes me a happy person, and yet I don't go and do it.

Maybe it's senioritis. Or maybe I'm just lazy. Maybe it's the fact that I'm still allergic to Waco, and getting over a cold. Whatever the case may be, my concentration level is absolutely zilch when it comes to studying. Knitting? sure - I can do that for hours, especially with some nice music or a movie on in the background. Reading? articles, magazines, novels - of course! books for class... not so much. I can hardly make myself sit still long enough to outline chapters in my history text (so that I can get good grades on the quizzes and get out of parts of the test).

I've also fallen off the wagon when it comes to walking. Right now the only actual exercise I do is walking to class (about 2.5 miles tuesday and thursday). When last spring (and over the summer) I was doing 3-5 miles a day on top of all of that. I know I have a wedding, I know I want my dress to fit and to look nice, I know i'm going to have to wear a swimsuit for my honeymoon... but I just can't make myself go.

I've lost my motivation and willpower - anyone seen them? Neither is particularly large, but when peeved they can be a right pain to deal with. Please call if found, possible reward.