Thursday, May 22, 2008


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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

And now, a list of suspects...

We've narrowed down the suspects in the couch fiasco to two...

Charlie - newkitty, and prime suspect, though with possible mitigation of fault:

Possible Aliases: Chuck, Trouble, and Scrawny

Max - our first cat, and likely prime motivation for the couch incident, as he's rather a bully sometimes:

Possible Aliases: Maxo, Maxmo, Chubs, and Bucko

It would, however, appear that these two are much like teenaged brothers. When there was only one litterbox, it was a point of territorial contention. Max, being both larger and stronger and the "more established" cat, seemed to cause Charlie enough stress that he'd avoid the catbox and preferred the couch. However, now that there are TWO boxes, they don't have to fight over them...

So they both use either box interchangeably.

Much like their food bowls.

Do not ask me to explain cats.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

and it's only tuesday....

So I"m sitting around this morning in a terry bathrobe and a pair of panties, having woken up late and feeling lazy on my day off, and I sit on the couch to see what's on TV...

[sniff] [sniffsniff]

something smells funny.

So now here's me, not wearing much in the way of clothing, crawling around on my hands and knees in the living room sniffing things

[sniff] nothing. [sniffsniff] nothing. hmm... [sniff] vague something - maybe the couch? [sniff] nope. [sniff] not there. [sticks nose in between couch cushions] [warm and wet] eeeeeeeeeeeeew.

I begin to dismember the couch. throw pillows? fine. blankets? fine. back seat cushion thingies? fine. pull off one of the seat cushions.... not fine. so one of the cats has been peeing in the couch, between the two seat cushions near the back of the couch... and not just like little oops pee. like pee stains all the way through the sofa bed. the more i dug, the worse it got. No idea which cat, either.

So I look at my little 8oz bottle of kitty enzyme stuff... and I look at the totally dismembered couch... sit down on the floor and have a good cry. and then go to petco.

I've now cleaned and neutralized everything in the damn couch that had pee on it and everything else too; the couch cushion covers got handwashed in the tub (don't ever do that if you don't want to be grossed out. couch cushions get NARSTY), the cushions themselves have been soaked in stuff, the sofabed matterss is soaked, I have it pulled open and spewed all over the living room with a box fan blowing on it to help it dry. I set up a second cat box, and Charlie was in it and peed IMMEDIATELY - like - i almost couldn't get the box put together. He's been in a better mood since then too. so I'm guessing it was territory stuff.

From what I can tell, the couch covers smell of orange and woolite. The mattress smells like orange and vinegar. the cushions may have to get treated again, because they're still too wet to tell. The living room looks like a tornado hit it, and I just finally got a shower for the day.

It's been a long day.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mr. Earnest Twinkletoes

I found out some more about Ernie, our outside kitty, that I had a picture of recently. His full name is Mr. Earnest Twinkletoes, and there's a lady here that's adjusting him to inside, getting him vet care, and thinking of adopting him. (she'll have him neutered) He and an orange and white tabby that are strays here used to live in one of the apartments, and the lady moved out and just dumped her cats. Unfortunately, the orange tabby isn't friendly, and is hiding out. Unlike Mr. Earnest Twinkletoes, who loooooves people and attention.

I have decided that Mr. Earnest Twinkletoes is one of the best cat names I've ever heard.

We are, however, still considering adding a 2nd cat, and will be meeting with our local foster kittymom tomorrow afternoon to look at three of the cats that she's currently fostering. Max has some serious attention issues, and with me working more, he's becoming really really loud all the time - and he's overeating (because he's bored). We play for several hours every day, but I can't physically spend every one of his waking moments playing with him, sadly.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The person who invented scoopable, flushable kitty litter is made of win.
Just went this past weekend and got my hair cut (at a real salon! gasp!) by a long haired lady. She did a really nice job - I asked her for a 1/2'' trim. she combed out my wet hair and then pulled it forward, showed me 1/2'', and then said that she thought that taking closer to 1.5'' would result in a better hemline, if that was what I wanted, since the ends were split - but that it was up to me.

I took her suggestion, and I'm glad I did - the ends of my hair look much better, even if I'm still crawling towards waist, it seems. She also suggested doing more conditioning, which I needed to hear, since I've been rather lax in the "hair extras" dept.

Max is doing great - we finally resolved his tummy troubles with a new food, and since then things have been good. He's very attention hungry though, and I'd like to get another cat to keep him busy and give him a companion, but K isn't so keen on the idea. We'll see (I think he wants the cat to be like baking - add 1c food, 2 bowls fresh water, 1 clean cat box, and 2 hrs playtime = happy cat, and doesn't realize that the cat has a personality and needs and such).

We also have a semi-addition - Ernie, a local stray, has been hanging around. I've been feeding him Max's old food (the stuff he doesn't get to eat anymore, since it makes his tummy upset), and he's very sweet. He and Max have met through one of the windows, and he's incredibly personable. He's polydactyl (hence the name Ernie), and a medium sized Tom. The rumor is that he's unowned, too. I'd love to bring him inside, but again with K and not being sure about another kitty. Either way, I'm really becoming attached to him. He's quite lovable.

I'm SO happy it's fall too - and I've been cooking and baking more. I wish the leaves would turn, but I'll take cooler, more temperate weather.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

KnitWars and Finished Socks

So, I finished the first Hedera sock (the green ones I posted before):

And it came out pretty good! *very* soft, and I really like the way it fits my foot. A nice toe - not too pointy.

I also happened to come across (through Lime and Violet) this Chore Wars business... it's like D&D, with housework. Now, I think this is a fabulous thing. It's like FlyLady, only with XP and monsters and gold. Lime and Violet found it and, in their cleverness, thought "ooh! I bet we could do that for knitting!"... and so they did. And I'm involved. Finishing a sock got me 50XP (if I finish the second one, I get another 100XP). I'm a level 1 Sorcerer (Annalira), and at 200XP I'll get to be level 2.

Yeah, it's dorky. *really* dorky. But hey - it's fun, it'll keep me on my knitting, and I may just sign up to motivate myself about the housework too :)