Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Just went this past weekend and got my hair cut (at a real salon! gasp!) by a long haired lady. She did a really nice job - I asked her for a 1/2'' trim. she combed out my wet hair and then pulled it forward, showed me 1/2'', and then said that she thought that taking closer to 1.5'' would result in a better hemline, if that was what I wanted, since the ends were split - but that it was up to me.

I took her suggestion, and I'm glad I did - the ends of my hair look much better, even if I'm still crawling towards waist, it seems. She also suggested doing more conditioning, which I needed to hear, since I've been rather lax in the "hair extras" dept.

Max is doing great - we finally resolved his tummy troubles with a new food, and since then things have been good. He's very attention hungry though, and I'd like to get another cat to keep him busy and give him a companion, but K isn't so keen on the idea. We'll see (I think he wants the cat to be like baking - add 1c food, 2 bowls fresh water, 1 clean cat box, and 2 hrs playtime = happy cat, and doesn't realize that the cat has a personality and needs and such).

We also have a semi-addition - Ernie, a local stray, has been hanging around. I've been feeding him Max's old food (the stuff he doesn't get to eat anymore, since it makes his tummy upset), and he's very sweet. He and Max have met through one of the windows, and he's incredibly personable. He's polydactyl (hence the name Ernie), and a medium sized Tom. The rumor is that he's unowned, too. I'd love to bring him inside, but again with K and not being sure about another kitty. Either way, I'm really becoming attached to him. He's quite lovable.

I'm SO happy it's fall too - and I've been cooking and baking more. I wish the leaves would turn, but I'll take cooler, more temperate weather.

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