Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mr. Earnest Twinkletoes

I found out some more about Ernie, our outside kitty, that I had a picture of recently. His full name is Mr. Earnest Twinkletoes, and there's a lady here that's adjusting him to inside, getting him vet care, and thinking of adopting him. (she'll have him neutered) He and an orange and white tabby that are strays here used to live in one of the apartments, and the lady moved out and just dumped her cats. Unfortunately, the orange tabby isn't friendly, and is hiding out. Unlike Mr. Earnest Twinkletoes, who loooooves people and attention.

I have decided that Mr. Earnest Twinkletoes is one of the best cat names I've ever heard.

We are, however, still considering adding a 2nd cat, and will be meeting with our local foster kittymom tomorrow afternoon to look at three of the cats that she's currently fostering. Max has some serious attention issues, and with me working more, he's becoming really really loud all the time - and he's overeating (because he's bored). We play for several hours every day, but I can't physically spend every one of his waking moments playing with him, sadly.

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