Thursday, August 16, 2007

KnitWars and Finished Socks

So, I finished the first Hedera sock (the green ones I posted before):

And it came out pretty good! *very* soft, and I really like the way it fits my foot. A nice toe - not too pointy.

I also happened to come across (through Lime and Violet) this Chore Wars business... it's like D&D, with housework. Now, I think this is a fabulous thing. It's like FlyLady, only with XP and monsters and gold. Lime and Violet found it and, in their cleverness, thought "ooh! I bet we could do that for knitting!"... and so they did. And I'm involved. Finishing a sock got me 50XP (if I finish the second one, I get another 100XP). I'm a level 1 Sorcerer (Annalira), and at 200XP I'll get to be level 2.

Yeah, it's dorky. *really* dorky. But hey - it's fun, it'll keep me on my knitting, and I may just sign up to motivate myself about the housework too :)

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Keiyla said...

OOoh now THAT is a gorgeous sock! Love the texture and color!